Travelling Children

We are the travelling children and we have everything we need,
Soul searching our existence through vast lands we’ve never seen.

Refusing to conform to what you’re ‘suppose to do’,
So pack up your back-pack it’s time for us to move.
Forever wander wondering for where will we soon be.
In the middle of nowhere- i hope – we’ll have to wait and see.

Say good bye to the ones you love, you’ll see them again soon,
Let’s join the lost boys, fly to Neverland, past the moon.
For we don’t want to grow up, we want to explore and play,
We want to experience life and live full every day.

We are the travelling children we sleep in hammocks under stars,
And wish on moving meteors, make friends from lands afar.

We come together for a purpose, it’s universal law,
You played a part in my life but what is it all for?
It may become clear soon, we may just never know.
But I know I have my backpack and it’s time for us to go.

For we can not stay too long, there’s so much for us to see,
There’s a whole world out there and jungles ever green.
We want to run through the forest fast and scream from mountains that we climb,
We’ll try to see it all, we’ll have to make the time.

Because we are the travelling children and we can’t help our wunderlust hearts,
To see this beautiful planet in such manific art.
To open up our minds and to see who we become,
To understand what life’s about and really have some fun.


Good luck traveller children, because sometimes it gets hard,
remember listen to your gut. It’s your best bodyguard.


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