People these days.

I don’t like wearing makeup,
I don’t like doing my hair,
I don’t like that you judge me on everything I wear.
I don’t like how you talk about other people and my friends,
I don’t like that sometimes you intend to offend.
I don’t like that you ignore me whilst starring at your phone,
I don’t like that you’re so negative all you do is moan.
Can’t you appreciate all that you have and that you have to love,
Your home, your friends, your family, all of the above.
I don’t like that all you talk about is not having enough,
I don’t like that what’s important to you is cars and designer stuff.
I don’t like that you care so much of what other people think,
I don’t like that your tattoos are meaningless because it’s fashionable to be inked.
I don’t like that you have no passion for the work you do.
Seems you waste so much time and for what, I ask you?
You can’t get back those hours, that you spent in misery.
What will it all be worth, when you look back at your own history.
I can’t understand why anyone would want to live for the weekend,
Why you would take a job when that is what they intend.
I don’t like that you don’t strive to change the world you see,
I don’t like that you contribute to the problem and continue just to be.
Stuck in the modern prism, prism of the mind.
I can’t stand that you can’t see, that your so incredibly blind.
Your just another number, part of the system born into.
But it doesn’t have to be this way. If only you knew .


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