If only..

If I was magic and could cast a magic spell,
Then I would give love to everyone in the world,
And my magic potion would mean there was no war,
No harm on children, no need for silly laws,
All the animals would be free to run,
There’d be no pollution, we’d use energy from the sun.
Every disease would magically disappear,
Because there’s only room for love here.
And everyone would have clean water to drink,
Because the rich would help the needy and not even think,
Because now their hearts are filled with love,
And they realise that they have enough,
There’s enough food and water to go round,
And no one can believe the happiness they’ve found.
My magic potion would make everyone smile,
And no one would feel lonely or sad for a while,
Because they recognise the love that’s within,
And would be shocked with how they’d been acting,
But the past is the past,
and the potion would last and last,
And everyone would be thankful the spell was cast.


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