Travelling Children

We are the travelling children and we have everything we need, Soul searching our existence through vast lands we’ve never seen. Refusing to conform to what you’re ‘suppose to do’, So pack up your back-pack it’s time for us to move. Forever wander wondering for where will we soon be. In the middle of nowhere- … More Travelling Children

Widen the gap.

When I see a man with no money in his hands, So he sits on the floor and he begs. And then you walk past and don’t even glance, How does this man have a chance. You’ll say that you can’t, tell yourself you have no time, But he’s the one who’s time is running … More Widen the gap.

Goodbye kiss.

The world moves so fast,I want this moment to last,For the future is unknown,And we can’t go to the past. When you kiss me with you lips,And put your hands apon my hips,For the feeling is like magic,Like a Luna eclipse. And I gaze at the moon,In the sky this afternoon,And I wonder if it’s … More Goodbye kiss.

Will you play with my hair? Tickle me there? Can we spend a night under the stars?I want to spot the satellites,Will you help me find mars? I’ll wake you in the morning with a cup of tea,We’ll go on adventures, Please come with me?

People these days.

I don’t like wearing makeup, I don’t like doing my hair, I don’t like that you judge me on everything I wear. I don’t like how you talk about other people and my friends, I don’t like that sometimes you intend to offend. I don’t like that you ignore me whilst starring at your phone, … More People these days.

She is we,

She wonders why everyday, She thought she had to understand, She soon realised, She doesn’t need to know, for She is just a part of the land. She is the same as the sea and the stars in the sky, She breaths the air of the trees, She has an ora so kind and shines … More She is we,

If only..

If I was magic and could cast a magic spell,Then I would give love to everyone in the world,And my magic potion would mean there was no war,No harm on children, no need for silly laws,All the animals would be free to run,There’d be no pollution, we’d use energy from the sun.Every disease would magically … More If only..