To my mother.

i’m sorry for the arguements, and the times i said i did not care,
for that isnt true at all, i love you beyond compare.
i wouldn’t be who i am without you for a mum,
i wouldn’t be strong or brave or the woman i’ve become.
you taught me to care for everyone and just to be myself,
and that life is better with high heels left on the shelf,
we’re more the kinda girls who go walking in the woods,
wrapped in warm clothes, coats, scarfs and hoods.
thank you for making me creative and teaching me to think on my own,
for showing me how to stick up for myself, for giving me a backbone.
thank you for my sisters i love them to the moon,
and i know im going far away, but i’ll be back soon.
i’m going to miss you very much, and think of you everyday,
i thought i would write to you, because it’s hard to say.
don’t worry about me, i’m real tough its true.
and i really wouldn’t be who i am, if i didn’t have you.


2 thoughts on “To my mother.

  1. This is so very beautiful! I was wondering if you’d be interested in letting me include this in a book I’m working on which is a tribute to mothers. And/or if you’d be interested in writing a post or answering a series of mother-related questions that may appear in the book? Your name, age, and location would be included or you can be anonymous. No worries at all if you’re not interested, just thought I’d check. Feel free to email me: Thanks, JD.

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