I’m ready.

I’m ready.
I’m ready for an adventure,
Too see what I can find.
I’m ready to test my body,
And my inquisitive mind.
I’m ready for the road,
And where ever it will go.
I’m ready for all weather,
The sunshine and the snow.
I’m ready for new people,
And smiles I’ve never seen.
I’m ready for vast land,
And jungles ever green.
I’m ready for the ocean,
To see how deep I can dive,
I’m ready to test fears,
And feel more alive.
I’m ready for reality,
Unlike the one I live now.
I’m ready to see all,
Of what nature endows.
I’m ready for cities,
And dancing all night.
I’m ready for the stars,
And the full moon sky light.
I’m ready to know myself,
And too see who I become.
I’m ready to trust my own,
And peacefully feel at one.
I’m ready to feel lonely,
And a little heartache.
I’m ready to feel scared,
If that’s what it takes.
I’m ready for a journey,
One like none before,
I’m ready for new land,
I’m ready to explore.


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