Dear Sheeple.

Science can explain so much! Even some miracles,
Like the birth of a child and why we orbit in full circles,
It saves lives every day and sends people to out of space,
So why with such intelligence do we threaten the human race?

Governments are clever because they’re believed to ‘protect you’.
Creating fear in your mind, do you really know what they’re up too?
If you understood that they’re a business making money,
Would you still trust in them or would you think it seems funny?

War over oil, money and power, death by our armed forces,
Is it even necessary I thought we’d worked out renewable sources?
But it’s okay they’re not the same, they speak a different language,
So as long as we’re safe and fed they can all be vanquished.

Don’t you think they have an agenda? They’re not trying to help you,
Because if they were then why do they lie and keep you from the true.
Seven billion in the world now that’s far to many heads,
They have a cure for cancer, but it’s helpful if your dead.
They’ll numb your brain so you keep quiet, fluoride and chemicals galore.
And you can be entertained by celebrities, sex and fame whores.
The media will keep you distracted up in arms about the wrong matter,
Because while you scream about Ebola the governments get fatter.
Full with wealth and power, full with death for greed,
More oil for you consumer but is it really in need.
When will you realise that alternatives are key?
That we don’t need fossil fuels when there’s renewable energy.
You can get it from the sun, you can get it from the sea,
It’s in the wind, and soil and at a lesser fee!

But fossil aren’t the main problem it’s just a lie I’m pointing out.
They make more money from the farms and that causes more destruction with no doubts!
How was your chicken salad? How was your steak and beef?
Don’t keep chewing you criminal and stare with disbelief.
Ohhh of course! It can’t be true because ‘the man’ did not say.
Did you know they’re watching you every single day?
Big brother has an eye on you, theres a tracker on your phone.
Doesn’t that spook you out? Like you’re never truly alone?

Did you know your baby so innocent and small,
Does not need that poison in her arm? Or vaccinations at all?
Did you know your vegetables are engineered to the right shape?
That they spray them with chemicals? Nature has been raped.
Take away all the goodness, so that you like the way it looks.
Is that how important egos become or have the government got you hooked?

Maybe it seems normal because we live in a modern world,
Maybe i was born the wrong time, maybe I’m a silly girl.
But I don’t understand why no one sings mother natures song!
Why we listen to a government that do us and mother wrong!
Destruction of our home but also our minds!
This isn’t right this isn’t just. This isn’t human kind!


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