Could we?

Craving a feeling,
Crisp air breathing,
Can’t stop thinking,
Can be so healing,
Contagiously kind,
Control my mind,
Could we run?
Could we hide?
Can we sing,
Call the birds to join in,
Can we dance,
Come on take this
Could we lay,
Completely still,
Can we make love,
Can we heal,
Climb the mountains that we see,
Cry for the people to be free,
Cling to everyone that we care,
Consciously, become aware.
Closer, closer ever more,
Closer, closer and therefore,
Can the universe fill with love,
Can we change this world so tough.
Come with me take my hand,
‘Cos I’ll show you this beautiful land,
Close your eyes,
Count to three,
Calm down, just be.


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