Dear Sheeple.

Science can explain so much! Even some miracles, Like the birth of a child and why we orbit in full circles, It saves lives every day and sends people to out of space, So why with such intelligence do we threaten the human race? Governments are clever because they’re believed to ‘protect you’. Creating fear … More Dear Sheeple.


when you hear but didn’t listen, when you touch but didn’t feel,when you kiss me with your eyes open, when your loves no longer real. when will i let go, when will i realise he’s said no, when will i move on with my own life, when will i feel less low? when you look … More When?

Could we?

Craving a feeling, Crisp air breathing, Can’t stop thinking, Can be so healing, Contagiously kind, Control my mind, Could we run? Could we hide? Can we sing, Call the birds to join in, Can we dance, Come on take this Chance, Could we lay, Completely still, Can we make love, Can we heal, Climb the … More Could we?


Breathing, breathing, Out this world seeing,No dimensions, loosing tension. Lifting higher, seeing further,Breaking down, my entire. Physical self, leave it there, Take your soul beyond compare.Project your conscience,Leave with confidence, The Devine, so Devine, so fine, so fine, Take my hand, let’s fly.Reality, reality? What is reality? Does this even exist? I want to stay … More Trip