*notes* Don’t starve your body or your brain of love.

Dear Girls,
This is a picture of me this time last year. When I thought I was “fat” (small uk size 8) I’m a stone heavier than that now . And realise that, so much that body image really isn’t that important . I was so unhappy, going to the gym everyday and hardly eating. Not because I wanted to be healthier but because I had this idea that If I was skinnier I would be happier. Well that isn’t the case! So many of us are unnessercerly self conscious of the way we look. It’s important to love yourself. And don’t let the worry of other peoples judgement come in to it. You can do more damage to your mind than “bad food” will ever do to your body . I’m not saying eat crap, be healthy, exercise. Just don’t starve yourself, your body of food and your mind of love. Be careful especially in January when your sucked in to “being a better you” . That shouldn’t mean a skinnier you. Be a better you by having more gratitude for what you have; be a better you by, giving more, by helping more, by loving yourself and everyone around you. Be a better you that adventures and reads and improves knowledge. Be a better you by listening more, dancing more, laughing more. Body image isn’t everything. You have a soul, feed that too this January.12510473_447396065461337_2873700226231436518_n


3 thoughts on “*notes* Don’t starve your body or your brain of love.

  1. What a great post! I am in the same boat you are. I’m a recovered anorexic, but my tendencies to starve myself and over-train at the gym make it really hard for me to love myself. Great reminder, and I admire your willingness to share your insight! Great post!(:

    Care to check out my site? DownWithTheNorm.com



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