Adventure me.

we don’t have to go far, we can just stay here.
infact you can just whisper it in my ear.
on a journey of the unknown,
tell me stories of places that we might go.

we can have adventure here or there,
lay down, kiss me play with my hair.
we’ll explore the moutains and the world one day.
but for now explore me, touch me, lets play.
i’ve never been here before but i want it to last forever,
noone ever loved me like you, nobody, never.

adventure doesn’t need to be miles away,
lets have it here in bed, lets stay.
to know absolutely every part of you,
like taking new foot steps on a paths avenue.
a walk though the forrest or just across a bay,
learning, experience, adventure? i’ll say.

move your hand from my chin,
touch me softly, feel my skin.
notice every part you see,
my lips, my thighs, adventure me.


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