wake up sheep.

i wish square eyes was a real disease,
then maybe you’d look up from the screen,
and realise that theres more to life,
than facebook, twitter and social media sites.

without white light apon your face,
you might be more aware of your space,
to run, to dance and feel completely free,
please turn it off, run with me.

we can climb moutains and swim in the sea,
we can run through fields ever green.
we can hide in the woods and lay in the sand,
please come with me, hold my hand.

you’ll have more fun when you listen to your soul,
and align your chakras, you’ll feel more whole.
start with your roots, balance yourself,
feel connected to mother earth.

i know the news scares you half to death,
stop reading it, take a breath.
if you dont pay attention you’ll be fine,
and less worried to jump to the devine.

this world has so much to offer you,
its right on your doorstep, if only you knew.
but until you let go and take a leap,
then you will forever be asleep.




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