new year, continued journey.

fighting demons inside your mind.
“lifes about enjoying the ride”
well, i’ve been on rolla coasters before.
and sometimes they’re meant to scare you.
because what’s life without fear, or love or pain.
because each and every single day.
i’m up, i’m down, my heads in the clouds.
so what if i’m quiet or scream out loud?
expression differentiates between you and i,
that’s why your on your own,
your own rolla coaster ride.
so if your’s speeds up and mine slows down,
so what?
i’m aloud to pace around.
i’ve got plenty of time,
i hope, i think.
and when things pick up,
i’ll put my seatbelt back on,
i won’t be sad for very long.
it’ll pass, it’ll go.
it might come back.
but the wheels stay on the same track.
this is my life, my ride, my path,
it goes its own way, light or dark.
here’s to a new year,
more laughter, more fear,
more love, more tears,
more falls, more cheers.
this year doesn’t mean a ‘new me!’
i’ll always be the same girl.
i don’t plan to change,
for anyone else,
if you make a change,
be it for yourself,
just to grow and grow.
i’ll continue to grow,
and understand,
that even the bad is good for my soul.


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