Adventure me.

we don’t have to go far, we can just stay here. infact you can just whisper it in my ear. on a journey of the unknown, tell me stories of places that we might go. we can have adventure here or there, lay down, kiss me play with my hair. we’ll explore the moutains and … More Adventure me.

a poem about tom.

a meeting,  a greeting. how are you today? he’s really tall, beautiful. what do you think of me? made me smile, it’s been a while. i think you’re really cute. we kiss, so bliss. i like hanging with you. it’s strange, lets re-arrange. i want to see you again. time flys, good bye. butterflies, amen.

Dear Mary,

i like it when we lay in bed, and think about the day ahead. i like it when we sit outside, by the sea, watching the tides. i like enjoying views with you, actually i like most things we do. you make me laugh and smile alot, however i think i’m loosing the plot. why … More Dear Mary,

wake up sheep.

i wish square eyes was a real disease, then maybe you’d look up from the screen, and realise that theres more to life, than facebook, twitter and social media sites. without white light apon your face, you might be more aware of your space, to run, to dance and feel completely free, please turn it … More wake up sheep.