I thought of you today.

i really want to talk to you,
i feel like im going mad.
i thought you didn’t care atall,
and it made me feel quiet sad.
but then you pop up and say hi,
and i can’t explain how i feel.
you’re the only one who makes me nervous,
these feelings are quiet real.
i went out for dinner with this guy,
and he is really really nice.
but nice doesn’t work for me,
you’re the only one that makes me think twice.
I like that you are busy,
please just make some time for me.
i don’t need a lot of attention,
just a weekly cup of tea?
i have my own things to do,
and i’m going far away quiet soon.
just i really like your company,
and when we kiss and spoon.
i like your hair, and your skin,
and both sides of your face,
and i like your laugh it makes me smile.
i really like you in my space.
please dont be a stranger,
but don’t pretend to care.
you’re the one i called guitar player.
i hope i was unfair.


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