Don’t lie to me.

It’s two AM,
why am i up thinking of you.
i feel so angry,
writing letters you’ll never see.
you never had to lie to me,
it’s okay that you love her.
we could have just been friends.
i wanted to get to know you,
i wanted to make you laugh,
i wanted to go skating,
and on adventures in the night.
we could have smoked and partied,
and talked and ate,
and done nothing, together.
you could have just said,
just told me the truth.
now i don’t want to see you,
or talk to you or be anywhere near you.
but i like your company.
i like your smile, your doodled skin.
and your kind heart.
i know you did it to protect me.
but its the worst thing you could have done.
i can handle the truth,
that makes you honest,
and only more beautiful.
lies hurt,
so many people use them against me.
even people i love the most.
i hate lies.
you didn’t have to do that.



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