Hurry home.

Hi bestfriend,
I know youre a thousand miles away,
I just wanted to say something.
I’m sorry i always let you down.
I don’t mean to,
I’m kind of a mess.
But you know that.
And thank you,
You’re always there for me,
You make me smile.
You give so much.
You’re so kind and loving.
You radiate,
You shine,
I feel you.
I think you feel me too.
Thats why we work.
I know we bicker.
But when i think about it now,
It’s sort of funny.
You’ve been away for a while now.
I use to see you everyday.
Or at least hear your voice.
I’ve missed you so much.
Your pressence,
Your smile,
Your laugh,
Your cuddles.
You’ll be home soon.
I can’t wait.
I want to hear all your stories of india,
We can stay up all night.
I’m all ears.
I hope you got what you went for,
You deserve the world.
Although i know you would only give it back.
Youre beautiful.
I love you.
hurry home.


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