Debbie, Dreams and Diving to the Devine.

Distractions for the ego, kept her heart a bay.
Education, news and television, she did as they would say.
She felt comfortable in her mind and without a questioning thought,
ticked by.

Was in a band called Don’t wake Debbie, but started to wake up.
To the world that is around her, so much hatred where’s the love?
The more she understood, the more she lost her mind.
And now Debbie dunno what to do, she’s always up all night.

She wanted to know more, she wanted to find out,
Things that science can’t explain, but had to learn, no doubt.

Respires the smog made of dreams, sends her into realms unseen.
Not before by her other eye, Debbie couldn’t help but dive.
Independent, Transcendent, new dimensions, clearing tensions.
Pre-empted , soul intended, infinite love emitted.

When Debbie opened her eyes, nothing felt the same.
Everything she is now and the woman she became.
It taught her to be real, It taught her to be true.
The journey she endured, was just a fractional view.



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