Why don’t you love me?

It’s a state of schizophrenia,
Two parrells in one.
Delusion, fear, insanity,
What have I become?

The walls are hyperthetical,
But It feels like they exist.
Why are they so hard to break down,
What’s making them resist?

I can’t work out the differnce,
Or the line between whats real.
Seems it’s all got lost,
And my hearts not made of steal.

The pain is pretty deep,
In my mind and in my chest.
I cant avoid my feelings,
I can’t continue this test.

The test of my strength and power,
It’s tearing me apart.
To make things easy, I’ll give in,
I don’t care If It’s not smart.

Ill say good bye for the last time,
And kiss you on the cheek,
Dont be angry at me,
My mind has reached It’s peak.

I felt like noone heard me,
Although I screamed it from the roof.
I tried to tell you everyday,
Is this now enough proof?

Proof I really meant it,
That I couldn’t cope at all.
That every day was difficult,
That I was climbing up the walls.

I was screaming, shouting,
And you did not want to hear.
But now I’m gone forever,
You cry with floods of tears?

I thought you didnt care?
Thats why I went insane,
Thats why I said good bye
And so I died in vien.

I wish you told the truth,
And said you loved me too.
Now I watch from afar,
I love you through and through.



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