Hurry home.

Hi bestfriend, I know youre a thousand miles away, But, I just wanted to say something. Somethings. Firstly, I’m sorry i always let you down. I don’t mean to, I’m kind of a mess. But you know that. And thank you, You’re always there for me, Always. You make me smile. You give so much. … More Hurry home.


I didn’t listen to the rumours I heard of you, Ignored what they all said. I gave you my faith and trusted your word, Seem I was misslead. Should have listened to my friends, Because what they say is true. You used me for my body. Just another silly girl, FUCK YOU.

Crazy love is true.

I like them being crazy, you can see it in their eye. why would i want boring? then i’d have to lie. Pretend that i’m ‘normal’ and that strange things don’t cross my mind. see, if you’re a little mental too, then maybe we could find, eachothers things that make us tick, and reasons to … More Crazy love is true.