Zen colouring and a helpful quote.

If you haven’t already- you really need to try this!
Colouring in for adults! My book is called “Zen colouring”DSC_0050
On the back it says “Colouring isn’t just for children; it has been proved to be also beneficial for adults. Generating wellness and quietness, as well as stimulating the brain areas related to the senses and creativity, people across the globe are enjoying this simple form of art therapy. By concentrating on a straightforward task and allowing you complete creative freedom, you will soon find your body and mind relaxing.”

And it definitely works!! I truly get lost in these pages, it’s like a wonderful, colourful, blissful form of meditation.

The book is absolutely beautiful and I love it! If you’re looking to escape or for something to occupy your mind- pick one of these up.

To top it off; inside is a quote from an inspiring author, poet, philosopher, abolitionist Henry David Thoreau

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see”

I think this is so important today, in a society of screen watching zombies, at home in front of the TV or walking the streets on mobile phones. Seems too often than not we ignore so much of the happenings around us, big or small, global or in plain sight.
You might drive to work every day, of course you look where you are going to get there. One day your car broke down, so you’re colleague picks you up- being a passenger in the car, taking the same route you always do, all of a sudden you noticed things you never had. A tree stood in a field and some cool graffiti art on a wall. But you liked the tree, it was stunning and mysterious, it branches all lent crookedly one way as if the wind had tried knocking it over every time it blew. The graffiti was just a doodle, a silly cartoon; but it made you smile. All of sudden you saw – you didn’t just look at the road ahead and it wasn’t just another tree or wall, they had character and you noticed.
And that’s the main difference in looking and seeing- noticing.

Next time you’re walking and you catch yourself looking at useless social media to pass the time. I beg you, to put your phone away! Look up- and see, see the sky for how blue it is, or maybe how dark and gloomy. See the birds, the broken window in the house on the corner and the vintage car parked down the side of someone’s drive. You will start to enjoy and appreciate the journey – hey isn’t that what life is about?


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