Mo Fingers- Till next time!

In the centre of town stands a pub with more character within its walls than any other. The Railway Hotel. The building itself, Its landlord, the customers and the entertainment. My dad and I, are often down here enjoying the different amazing and wonderful musical talents . on the 9th of August I tested out my new camera on a band called Mo Fingers. incredible.

They are an instrumental four piece band from Essex (mainly Southend-on-Sea) inspired by 60’s and 70’s funk music from America and the UK.

Attracting a crowd of all ages, i definitely recommend checking these guys out!

Jason Fortis on the Hammond organ. Brad Holmes on Bass. Jay Smith,  Drums and Darren”woody”woodford  on guitar. They create a sound ive never heard live before! and Its amazing, you can’t help but dance. The hammond organ is beautiful, the collective create genuinely the coolest sound in town!

Next time they’re playing i will try to catch them for an interview too!

Thanks for a groovey night anyway!!

follow them on facebook for updates ;

DSC_0174 DSC_0258 DSC_0246DSC_0241  DSC_0269


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